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Young Businesswoman

Amarex Taiwan, LLC, an NSF International company, is featuring current job openings at the MD Tech Council BioCapital Life Sciences Career Fair, Thursday, February 18th. This virtual event is free and open to all students and job seekers interested in career opportunities in the life sciences industry.

Expand your career and be a part of something big. At Amarex we conduct clinical research to advance new, cutting-edge medical products that make a big difference by providing doctors with new treatments for their patients.

We have job openings in several disciplines, including: Clinical Operations, Data Management, Information Technology, Business Development, Medical Safety & Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, and Statistics.

Register for this virtual event, visit our booth, and speak to an Amarex representative about expanding your career:


On January 07, Dr. Kazem Kazempour, President & CEO of Amarex Taiwan, LLC an NSF International Company, presented the webinar Enrichment Strategies to Increase the Power and Reduce the Sample Size in Clinical Trials.

Dr. Kazempour, an expert statistician, discussed the types of enrichment strategies that can be used to select study subjects more likely to detect drug effects. Enrichment strategies enhance the potential for trial success, reduce trial costs, decrease time to trial completion, and increase patient enrollment and retention. Dr. Kazempour discussed practical, prognostic, and predictive enrichment strategies. He also addressed the statistical impact of enrichment strategies on type I and type II error, suggested regulatory pathways for designing an enrichment trial, and suggested strategies for combining enrichment and adaptive trial design.

View the full webinar recording on our YouTube channel.

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