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Amarex understands that proper planning and choosing the appropriate clinical investigator is key to conducting an informed and successful trial.  To ensure an efficient study start up, we perform comprehensive, customized, feasibility questionnaire that will provide the feedback that will help us provide our clients with a custom site-specific enrollment strategy and site selection.

​Our services include:

  • Coordination of Regulatory Consultation Meetings

  • Identify Investigators 

  • Development of Protocol and Protocol Quality Review

  • Collecting Clinical Investigator Feedback

  • Customized Feasibility Questionnaires to Assess Capability and Availability

  • Site Selections - Developed Criteria and Qualifications

  • Identify Protocol Design Concerns

  • Enrollment Strategies

    • Establish Enrollment Rate Expectations

    • Site Specific Enrollment Tracking

    • Subject Recruitment Contingencies

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