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Amarex Taiwan, LLC began as a concept in 2003, after Amarex Clinical Research (USA) President and CEO, Dr. Kazem Kazempour, completed a US, State of Maryland delegation visit to Taiwan to further economic and business development between the two countries. Dr. Kazempour was interested in substantially advancing clinical research, and found that expansion outside of the US essential.  As Taiwan is a leading country for drug development in Asia and has great potential for the future., the Amarex Taiwan became a natural extension of Amarex Clinical Research.  Among other things this is because of marked similarities between the culture of Amarex Clinical Research and the culture of Biotech industry in Taiwan.


From its inception, Amarex has been about its people, and has embraced a culture that encourages creative thinking, innovation, and professional growth. Amarex has maintained highly-experienced staff, with a true spirit of collaboration, and strives to develop long-term client relationships leading to mutual success.  Amarex has been successfully working with Taiwanese companies for many years and has observed that the culture fits well with the culture of Amarex.  

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Amarex has approximately 20 years of international product development experience, with a strong client base in Asia, and particularly in Taiwan. Recognizing the many Asian companies looking to have their products approved in the U.S. market, establishing Amarex Taiwan was an easy decision. Amarex’s role is to help accelerate commercialization of safe and effective drugs to improve patient access to better health options.

Amarex’s vision and goals for providing unmatached value to clients is what makes Amarex different from other CROs:

  • Commit to a long-term client relationship and achieving the best possible outcome

  • Believe in having a true collaborative partnership with our clients

  • Provide very experienced leadership team members and staff for every project

  • Optimize time and cost while being efficient and effective with each clinical product development service

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